Maudslay Park Senior Picture Autumn Photography



I like this time of year, autumn. So it’s probably no coincidence I also like orange — see my logo? So when our senior, A., showed up sporting a wardrobe of bold patterns and colors — orange! — I knew we would really capture some images befitting this time of year. And with the added accent color of purple, the look is perfect for the season.

We met early morning on a weekend in Maudslay Park, Newburyport, for this senior picture portrait session, the light crisp and highlighting some of the first hints of color in the trees. Though Maudslay is mostly known for its natural setting, A. was also hoping to photograph some images with a more urban feel. The good news is that, scattered throughout Maudslay, are abandoned buildings, crumbled foundations, old brick, and graphic paint colors. There’s so much to find in this one location, no wonder it is a local favorite.

A., thank you for your positive energy and for being so easygoing to work with. I’m glad to hear you all enjoyed the photos!