Kearv + Michael [Part 2: Traditional Western Wedding Ceremony]



A few weeks back I shared Kearv & Michael’s Cambodian Wedding Ceremony, in which the couple spent their morning hours respectfully honoring the varied nuptial traditions of Cambodian culture. Once completed, Kearv and Michael settled into their last wardrobe change of the day, shared some well-deserved bubbly with their bridal party, and exchanged their vows once again in a traditional Western ceremony.

Even though a twelve hour day, this wedding flew by, just like all others. Google wedding day blur, and you’ll see this is a shared sentiment. Months of planning and preparation, researching and managing detail after detail… and yet, on the day itself, it can often feel as if you are being shuffled about from one activity to the next, without much opportunity to savor the moment. Like Kearv and Michael — as with the other couples I work with — try to take at least thirty minutes for just the two of you (and, well, your photographer, of course!). Thirty minutes, either before your ceremony or after (typically during your cocktail reception), to slip away from the march of time to be present with each other and reflect upon the meaning of your day. This is also the best time to have bride & groom portraits taken together as a couple… let the photographer be the bad guy to shoo everyone else away. Take some time for yourself, commit the moment to memory, and enjoy the day.

Kearv and Michael, thanks again and congratulations!