Gavin + Liam [Funtopia Sender One Birthday Party]



Six years.  It's hard to believe it's been that long since I first began photographing Gavin and Liam's birthday.  Each year seems to sneak up a little faster now, and it sure is flattering when that email from their parents still finds its way into my mailbox, asking to schedule this year's session and document the celebration.

It's always great to see the two boys -- they entertain the familiar presence of my camera more than most kids their age -- but what we all really look forward to every year is the theme for the party.  And Funtopia Sender One in Santa Ana did not disappoint!  Check it out -- indoor rock climbing!  Who's not going to have a blast with that?  For an hour you can schedule a private party in the interactive climbing room.  Kids climb, leap, swing, free fall to their heart's content.   Then, pizza, cake, and popsicles in the adjacent party room. And that cake -- always a work of art really. 

I'm typically at these parties for three hours, but Funtopia reservations allow for two.  So this year, we split the shoot into two days, scheduling portraits for another weekend.  For that reason, I'm going to blog the shoots separately as well.  Sorta like the last movie in the Hunger Games series.  Except no need to wait a year to see the rest.  Stay tuned!

Gavin + Liam [Fullerton Birthday Party]



Can a cake "take the cake"? I've photographed some pretty amazing ones, but this display is in a culinary league of its own.   Just another example of the inventiveness and creativity that goes into the annual Gavin & Liam birthday party.  This is the fifth year I've been brought on as the hired photographer, and looking back, I'm amazed at just how fast the clock has flown by.

This year's theme was monsters: Shrek, Ugly Doll, and Mike from Monster's Inc. re-imagined as a piñata.  Mike was a good sport and took a pretty good beating from the kiddos.  An artist was on hand to both sculpt balloons and do face painting -- a big hit!  To close out the day, that famous green ogre eventually crashed the party and helped to gather all the kids for the cutting of that great cake.  (It was pretty tasty, by the way!)

What I love most about these celebrations is seeing all the familiar faces year after year and being welcomed as family.  The festivities and decor never disappoint, nor does the hospitality!

Thanks again for letting me document this day!