Gavin + Liam [Pacific Park Santa Monica Pier Birthday Party]



This is my fourth consecutive year photographing the birthday of G & L -- where does the time go?!   I'm always flattered to be asked back every year to document this event.  And more importantly, I think the two guys still enjoy having me around.  I was greeted with a big welcoming hug at this year's celebration, and I wasn't even dressed up as their favorite superhero or video game character.  G & L have grown completely comfortable with the camera, and I think me being a dad now affords me with refreshed way of seeing as well.

G & L's parents never disappoint in their party planning.  This year, they reserved a cabana at Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier.  Cake + high speed rides + best friends & family = how can you go wrong? The theme for 2012 was Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.  I'm sure someday I'll know exactly what that is.  And though no costumed characters were hired or harmed for this celebration, we did cross paths with Inky, the park's official mascot.  Purple calamari.  Eat your heart out, Disneyland!

The pier is a great place for a photo session.  Plus, I love the overdose of color.  Check out the blue wall.  And with all of its alluring distractions and energy, there's plenty of opportunity to capture everyone in the candid moment.  Post-session, I hung out on the pier for a bit and photographed a few slices of the nightlife.