Gavin + Liam [Fullerton Birthday Party]



Can a cake "take the cake"? I've photographed some pretty amazing ones, but this display is in a culinary league of its own.   Just another example of the inventiveness and creativity that goes into the annual Gavin & Liam birthday party.  This is the fifth year I've been brought on as the hired photographer, and looking back, I'm amazed at just how fast the clock has flown by.

This year's theme was monsters: Shrek, Ugly Doll, and Mike from Monster's Inc. re-imagined as a piñata.  Mike was a good sport and took a pretty good beating from the kiddos.  An artist was on hand to both sculpt balloons and do face painting -- a big hit!  To close out the day, that famous green ogre eventually crashed the party and helped to gather all the kids for the cutting of that great cake.  (It was pretty tasty, by the way!)

What I love most about these celebrations is seeing all the familiar faces year after year and being welcomed as family.  The festivities and decor never disappoint, nor does the hospitality!

Thanks again for letting me document this day!