M + L [The Belamar Hotel Wedding]



M & L married in Hawaii, and upon return to California, organized a cozy cocktail reception at The Belamar Hotel, Manhattan Beach, for friends and family who were unable to make it to the islands.  Though I wasn't present at their destination wedding, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding portrait session with them in West LA on the day of their local celebration.  Despite the skies being a bit overcast, there were still punchy colors to be had from the changing leaves and surrounding succulent gardens.  I hadn't been to this location before, but it proved to be the perfect select for such a session.

What was most memorable about this event though was how M & L used the Belamar space.   They treated it like an art gallery, inviting their artistically-inclined friends to create portraits of them, which were then used to adorn the walls of the reception area. "L" is an amazing artist himself (check out the link below), and his own work was used to create much of the custom decor.  Truly, a handcrafted occasion!

M & L have been a real champion of my photography over the years, and I have them to thank for many of the wonderful referrals I've had the pleasure of working with.  It was incredibly satisfying to finally work with M & L on their own wedding.  Love you both!

Enjoy the captures, everyone!

Reception Venue:  The Belamar Hotel | Artwork: Lord Mesa