Gavin + Liam [Cerritos Heritage Park Birthday]



The event that was almost not to be. At least for me.

Gavin & Liam's birthday fell on Labor Day weekend, and when the inquiry came in, the calendar was already brimming with other obligations and another shoot. I immediately started putting out feelers to other photographers, but was really bummed at having to decline a celebration I've shot two years in a row. The party is always festive, full of kids willing to embrace the camera, and the family consistently delivers an admirable level of creativity in these events. Most importantly, I really wanted to see the visual continuity we've established live on. And so, after juggling the schedule, I was able to attend. Yahoo!

Gavin & Liam have always been agreeable to having a photographer present, but this year I noticed a marked change. There was less of me chasing them, and more of them chasing me. A trust had been established, a trust that's earned only with time, and with it, the most authentic of photographic moments. Broader smiles. Generous laughs. Unguarded emotions.

A private nook at Cerritos Heritage Park played host for 2011's birthday. Gone was the Kung Fu Panda and Thomas The Train from years past. Pirate Jack Sparrow and Angry Birds were this year's superstars. Definitely a wining combo, and the theme was a hit!

Thanks again to Gavin & Liam and family. As always, a treat!