Sonal + Sanket [Diamond Palace Baby Shower]



Photographers always welcome referrals. A referral is often someone who has seen your work elsewhere at the urging of one of their friends or family and are coming to you on the graces of their good word and the quality of your work. Referrals frequently form sustainable networks -- connected pockets of friends and family, and these working relationships can really thrive with that extra vote of confidence. Not to mention, with the heaps of wonderfully talented photographers out there to pick from, meeting referrals can be a great way to narrow down the overwhelming options.

Sonal and Sanket have attended several events I've photographed in the past, and invited me to capture their baby shower at the Diamond Palace Cuisine-India.  It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces, the added bonus of everyone being really comfortable by now with me -- and my camera. Though the objective of the afternoon was more about documenting genuine moments rather than posing, I did manage to sneak in a few end-of-session portraits.

I really love working with this extended family! The parties are lively, with plenty of games and color. And let's not forget the food. I think I enjoy the grub as much as some of the guests enjoy seeing just how adventurous a Caucasian like me will be with sampling the spicy cuisine. But I never fail to gobble it all up!

Thanks again, Sonal and Sanket.