Gavin + Liam [Fullerton Birthday Party]




There's nothing like a smart, swift karate chop from Mr. Kung Fu Panda himself to swat yours truly back into blogging mode. It's been a busy month of shooting, editing, and album making, friends, so let's charge the jumper cables and kick start October with the birthday celebration of brothers Gavin & Liam.

Check out little man Liam. Oh, to be three again, and gawk in awe as your beloved martial arts idol spars with you in your back yard, artfully transformed by mom and dad into a dojo from the far East. Such awesome creativity and color at this party: paper lanterns, candles, custom cakes, banners, dragons, and even a piñata (crafted once more in the image of Mr. Panda, but thankfully, he left the party long before the kiddos starting bludgeoning his likeness with a baseball bat).

Brothers Gavin & Liam shared the spotlight for the day, their birthdays only a month apart. So, while Liam was busy earning his black belt, I was capturing images of Gavin outfitted in his vibrant attire for his traditional Korean Dol (1st Birthday).

A big thanks to everyone at the party, for welcoming this stranger into your home, to share in your festivities, food, and fun. Three hours into the session, a guest asked if I was "running out of things to shoot".  With company like this, there's always moments to be found.

More sessions to come soon. Until then: Wax On, Wax Off.