Taplow [Horse Portraits]



It's always a thrill to receive positive feedback from a satisfied client once a job has delivered. And, no doubt, the most flattering compliment of them all is the return of a previous client to collaborate on new work. My most recent reunion was with a groom, tasked to craft a heartfelt anniversary present for his bride of one year: a custom portrait of her prized stallion, Taplow. Having photographed their wedding last October, I was humbled by the invitation to commemorate their first year as husband and wife.

The portrait was to be a surprise: a 16x24 canvas wrap print of a single image. Stylistically, we wanted to blend the boundaries of photography and painting, creating the illusion of images shot in a studio, while other photographs dared to be more dreamy and painterly. As I traveled one afternoon from the urban sprawl of L.A. into the rolling hills of their ranch, I had two thoughts galloping through my head. One, don't stand behind the darn horse. Two, will Taplow, and I, be ready for his close up?

Mingling together in his pen -- me, zooming about my lens, and he, sniffing it -- there was a period of curious acquaintance, and then trust, as we both discovered something very new, and special.  I've given a lot of thought this past year as to what type of photography I'd like to focus on -- family, wedding, portraits, birthdays -- only to discover, as long as you make your business about capturing what matters most in the lives your clients, it's all the same and worth taking on.

A big thanks to Karen for wrangling Taplow and for making my experience with Tap and all of his four-legged friends an experience to remember. Giddy up!