C + J [Venice Beach Lifestyle Portraits]



Stalk down the elusive Kogi truck: check.

Shop 'til you drop along Melrose Ave: oh yeah, smash that Piggy.

Enjoy a personalized photoshoot along the Venice Canals, courtesy of your most fave cousin of all: say what?

Yep. Marlina really wanted to make the most of C & J's trip to L.A., and that meant not only exploring all the swanky spots Southern Cali has to offer, but inviting me along to photograph an hour or so of her 'lil cousins' adventures, sorta a teenage reboot of the reunion she organized back in 2007. See, my running joke with Marlina is that someday I'll have photographed every member of her extended family -- so, this is us keeping that dream alive!

C & J, thanks for the laughs, your boundless energy, and 8GB of "That's What Friends Are For" bliss. It's not always easy going full tilt with a stranger's camera in tow, so a big hats off to being true to you, living footloose, and embracing the awesomeness of the gift you've been given.

You owe Marlina a Pink Berry :)