One on One [El Dorado Park Portraits]



In the previous session, I was shooting twelve.

Oh, how the numbers have changed.

There's a unique dynamic to the one-on-one shoot, a chance to connect with the subject whose attention you have exclusively. "J." was seeking a nice collection of casual headshot portraits for personal use, and I suggested El Dorado Park in Long Beach. Have you been? If not, give it a go. This is a decent sized park by L.A. standards, and I've always loved how the light strafes through the trees at day's end. I've driven past the park often on the freeway at sunset, made a mental note of the light, and enjoyed the chance to finally do some shooting here. Taking into consideration these photographs would also be for the enjoyment of J's family, we kept the compositions fairly balanced [ a.k.a not too whacky ], but still found opportunities to loosen up the traditional headshot for something a bit more personal.

Enjoy the share! And up next, Night At The Museum -- wedding style!

Terri [Playa Vista Park Portraits]




That's the nickname a couple of photog friends pegged me with after having shot a few night sessions together around town. There I'd be, crawling belly to the ground, shooting over gum-speckled asphalt or through bike racks, angling for those out-of-the-ordinary vantage points and perspectives. The tactic sort of stuck, and it's made for some pretty interesting points-of-views during portrait sessions and weddings.

But sometimes, pulling back on a style can be just as important as pushing out. When writer/producer, Terri, approached me to schedule a quick session for some casual headshots, I had a hunch splaying myself out on the ground really wasn't going to cut it for the type of images we were looking to capture. Nor was there a need for any of the usual fine art post-processing, macro details, or day-of storytelling. Instead, we needed to score some lean and keen images that communicated "casual corporate" or "book jacket cover", photos that resonated confidence and accomplishment, shot in a clean, unobtrusive environment with primarily natural light.

The session was great fun, and, having not crawled in the dirt, I returned home for once without a soiled shirt. Thanks again for the opportunity, Terri!

Coming up, a sunset-kissed Malibu engagement session and an awesome wedding at the Westin Bonaventure!