Coco [Los Angeles Lifestyle Portraits]



Myspace, Friendster, Facebook. In this age of digital networking, self-image is more prominent than ever. Whereas centuries ago, a select well-to-do folks did it old school by commissioning a master artist to paint an image of their likeness, photography is now king -- film for many years, and now digital, making it easier than ever to capture an image. A quick visit online, especially to any of the before mentioned websites, and the extent to which people enjoy taking images of themselves is evident. Some choose to share these images, others prefer to keep them private... but the premise is the same: what better way to preserve the moment -- to freeze a slice of time and serve it up for later enjoyment -- than with a picture?

Then, go one step further -- why not mimic the route of the old school painters, and commission someone to craft your portrait, someone specialized in photography and committed to delivering that premium image. Seek someone who understands the true you and makes you feel comfortable, as these images can often be personal and private.

Today, a couple of off-screen glimpses from this afternoon's shoot -- combined with an outdoor session from last week, today's indoor studio sitting concludes an exciting collaboration with a client, whom I wish to thank once again for entrusting me with the task of creating a very special collection of self portraits.

You sought something personal, something you could enjoy later down the road in life. When wiser and gray, may these images make you grin with satisfaction from ear to ear :)