Terri [Playa Vista Park Portraits]




That's the nickname a couple of photog friends pegged me with after having shot a few night sessions together around town. There I'd be, crawling belly to the ground, shooting over gum-speckled asphalt or through bike racks, angling for those out-of-the-ordinary vantage points and perspectives. The tactic sort of stuck, and it's made for some pretty interesting points-of-views during portrait sessions and weddings.

But sometimes, pulling back on a style can be just as important as pushing out. When writer/producer, Terri, approached me to schedule a quick session for some casual headshots, I had a hunch splaying myself out on the ground really wasn't going to cut it for the type of images we were looking to capture. Nor was there a need for any of the usual fine art post-processing, macro details, or day-of storytelling. Instead, we needed to score some lean and keen images that communicated "casual corporate" or "book jacket cover", photos that resonated confidence and accomplishment, shot in a clean, unobtrusive environment with primarily natural light.

The session was great fun, and, having not crawled in the dirt, I returned home for once without a soiled shirt. Thanks again for the opportunity, Terri!

Coming up, a sunset-kissed Malibu engagement session and an awesome wedding at the Westin Bonaventure!