Sylina + Tony [Dove Canyon Country Club Wedding]



Back in October, I had the "perfect storm" of consultations with three prospective wedding clients.  One on a Friday, one on Saturday, and one on a Sunday.  The first client was scheduled to wed in May, the second in June, and the latter, July.  Not but a few days after these meetings, my wife & I received the good news that we were expecting.  Due date: July 1st.   I began hearing back from the clients, all three of whom were interested in booking the wedding dates we discussed.  I started to have some concerns accepting the June and July weddings, given there was always a chance the baby could arrive on their wedding day, and yet with both weddings being two weeks out from the estimated due date, I signed on for the events.

The short story is everything worked out fine.  But wouldn't you know, the night before the June wedding, there we are, my wife & I having to go to the hospital, as the baby was genuinely starting to murmur "ready-or-not-here-I-come."  Thankfully, we were discharged, I enjoyed a good night's rest, photographed Sylina and Tony's beautiful wedding on Saturday, and our little one arrived Monday.   Thanks, baby girl, for hanging out with mommy for a few more days!  I was committed to shoot the wedding no matter the outcome, but it would have been a real disappointment to have missed the arrival of our little one.

And what a gorgeous wedding it was. Nestled in the hills of Dove Canyon at the Dove Canyon Country Club, Sylina and Tony's vows were staged outdoors overlooking a vista of hills and valleys.   I drove through not one, but two tolls roads, to reach Dove Canyon, which should hint at just how pleasantly removed the location is from the big city. There's a waterfall on the property that makes for some really lovely shots, and the cozy lodge invites family & friends into the perfect, intimate reception.  I had such a great time with Sylina and Tony during their engagement shoot back in May, and it was wonderful reuniting with them at their wedding only a few short weeks later.  They have a lot of heart, and the day's emotions were enough to get even me misty eyed at times.

I wish you both only the best in life.

Wedding coordination: Melody Walker

Photo Booth: Souverazzi Photo Booth