Jennifer + Jeremy [West Anaheim United Methodist Church Wedding]




If my blog had a rear window, no doubt some concerned soul would have scrawled that kicker into the grime by now.  Where art thou updates, Stephen?  I've been tinkering on a blog revamp in between photo sessions, and in trying to prep for that launch, I've been a bit shy on the TLC for my tried and true  But with the photo goodies starting to pile up in the queue, let's kick out a share today, shall we?

West Anaheim United Methodist Church is about five miles from our house.  That's a new record on the distance-from-home-to-venue chart, if I kept one.  The proximity afforded Gian and I the chance to slip in under the radar earlier than usual, and there's a unique thrill to showing up at a morning wedding before everyone else. The air is still sharp and cool at that hour. Dew kicks off the grass as you negotiate about for possible photo ops. The church stands still, doors not yet unlocked, memories not yet made. There is a quiet excitement of the day to come, and that faint ping of nerves in my own gut reminds me I'm on page with my clients, and we are all invested in the day.

Cars roll in. Jeremy. Jennifer. [No peeking!] Their families, all so pleasant. Abundant smiles. Now and then, I'll be asked by a guest to snap a shot using their point-and-shoot, which I am happy to oblige, and yet still can't shake the feeling I appear the hack as I fumble for the shutter release on the unfamiliar gear. I snap a chaser with my own hunk of gear for good measure.

The ceremony is a gem (cheers for balcony access!), and a tea ceremony and reception at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim-Garden Grove bring the day to a close after it has seemingly just begun. Wedding days shine twice as bright, but fade twice as fast. Or so it seems. Jeremy and Jennifer, it was a true pleasure working with you, and thank you for letting us be a part of your occasion!