Jennifer + Jeremy [The Getty Villa Engagement]



True L-O-Y-E.

Okay, so, my internal spellcheck went on the fritz at the close of this session. I had been pocketing this idea for a couple to spell out L-O-V-E. Silhouettes are just really striking to me, and the recent storms had heaved a high berm of sand along Venice Beach: the perfect promontory for Jennifer and Jeremy to squash and stretch their bodies against the setting sun and give the task a go. I called out for an "L", and then "O". All was well. And then, I asked for "Y". "Y?". Jennifer politely corrected me, rescued the image, and we finished our fun Pilates routine with a good laugh, along "V" and "E" intact.

Whether contorting their bodies into my misspellings, gamely trying to fly a kite without wind, dodging surf or scaling trees, Jennifer and Jeremy were the perfect sports. It's not always easy having your picture taken, and I've been really fortunate to work with couples like J&J who are willing to put themselves out there, give the day a shot, and let the discoveries unfold.

Shooting at The Getty Villa, Malibu was thoroughly enjoyable, and I can't wait to continue the collaboration during their wedding in the coming weeks! I've been a tardy blogger as of late, so let's saturate this post with images to hold the fort until the next post. Enjoy!