Doral + Justin [Will Rogers State Historic Park Engagement]



I love shooting in rural settings. Well, as rural as L.A. will allow for.

Rural as in meandering, withered fences. Fresh wildflowers harmonizing with the layered growth of seasons gone by. The fine layer of earthy particulate cast in the air. Combined with the warm raking light of late day, it's hard to go wrong with this natural stage. Except maybe for the gnats. Could do without the gnats. And maybe the horse dung. "Isn't it romantic?" I remarked at sight of the equestrian prize splat across our trail. We laughed and marched on... Doral and Justin embracing the potential of this place with a smile and no reservations.

Will Rogers State Historic Park, Pacific Palisades was our playground for the afternoon. Doral and Justin humored my attempts at park ranger, and we ascended a few of the trails to see what lay yonder. There's some amazing nooks to be found in these hills, and just shy of an out-of-breath hike, you can already feel as though you've escaped the big city and happened upon something simpler and special.

And as the sun retired behind the mountains, we chased its fading light to sea level and captured some final moments against the backdrop of a beautifully fiery sky. Considering all the fun we had, it's going to be a real treat reuniting with these two come their wedding in April. Doral was the maid-of-honor at one of the first weddings I photographed, so it's a real privilege to be invited back for her own day with Justin. See you both soon!