Marj + Jeff [San Francisco Engagement]



I have a sad, sad confession. This shoot marks the first time I've officially been to San Francisco.

What? [SLAP!] Jail! Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.

I've been to Daly City, but didn't score much slack for that. The good news is I couldn't have asked for a better baptism by the Bay. Marj and Jeff are locals to San Francisco, and were generously gifted the treat of an engagement session from Marj's uber-considerate friend and Maid of Honor. How thoughtful is that? I mean, it's always great to have a fan of your work, but for them to think highly enough of you to share you with the person that matters to them most, well, that's just about as humbling as can be. (So yeah, Steve, don't muck it up.)

I prefer longer engagement shoots, because it lets us all get acquainted and explore, especially in a city full of opportunity like this. The Presidio. The Ferry Building. Trolley Cars. The Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate. Sunset besting the infamous fog. Had the sun not set, we probably would have shot our way over the bridge and beyond.

Marj and Jeff, you guys are first rate. Thank you for your energy, humor, and making for such an unforgettable trip. A cherry on top for the dinner, drinks, and hospitality. And gratzi again to your bestest friend for juggling all the right ingredients for this recipe to happen. It seems I've indeed left a bit of my heart up in San Francisco, and I'm looking forward to return for it come your wedding in September!