Becky + Craig [Meadowlark Golf Course Wedding]



There's few things in life that are as personal as wedding.

Not only are you taking the step of sharing yourself with another, you're also sharing with family and friends who you are as a couple.  Back when I first met Becky and Craig at our consultation, they discussed their passion for home brewing, and their commitment to incorporate elements of this hobby into their wedding.   They bottled micro brews as take home gifts for guests.  Instead of a unity sand pour, they opted for a unity barley pour.  And with a nod to the heyday of brewing, they themed their celebration to the 1920's -- from the design of Becky's dress and veil, to the period music played during their reception. Photographically, we discussed how we could make use of light and sepia tinting to evoke an era gone by.  Sign me up!

Our day began with make-up and hair at the Ayers Hotel, Seal Beach.  Great spot, well-appointed rooms for getting ready, and my second time shooting at one of the Ayers locations.  Soon after, we continued to the Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington Beach.  The greens made for a wonderful ceremony location, with the reception hall located on the second floor overlooking the grounds.

Weddings can be stressful, but can also be -- and should be -- fun. Relaxed in front of the camera = relaxed behind the camera, and that combination always makes for the most rewarding pictures. Becky & Craig, thanks for being so gracious and generous with good spirits -- even before the home brews opened!  I'm glad we had the chance to share your day together.  Congratulations again to you both!