Family Portrait Photography [Plum Island, MA Family Lifestyle Portraits]



One of my favorite types of portraiture is lifestyle portraiture. Compared to the formal sitting portrait with the majority of images capturing the subject in a fixed position looking at the camera, lifestyle portraiture is more subtle and unobtrusive, with the photographer shadowing a subject in motion to document their activity rather than directing them into specific poses. This style works especially well with the young kiddos, who aren’t going to sit still for long regardless, and you’re better off letting them do their thing and earn their trust to participate in their space with your camera. Even with lifestyle portraiture, there’s still plenty of opportunity to grab those more formal portraits as well, but because lifestyle portraiture is “on the go”, the technique relies more on natural light than complex studio illumination.

This lifestyle photography session was a fun hybrid, documenting family vacation time at a beach Airbnb cottage, but also covered family portraiture and maternity portraiture as well. We spent an hour or so together — plenty of time for a great set — and I appreciate the family inviting me to share in their adventure!

Senior Portrait Photography [Plum Island, MA Senior Portraits)



Thanks to a pretty mild winter this year, the New England seashores have been fair game for senior and family portrait photography. Plum Island is always a favorite, with its quiet beaches, abutting cottages, and nearby bird sanctuaries. Miles of them. In fact, you’re likely to stumble upon more bird photographers on Plum Island than portrait photographers, at least this early in the year!

Despite a lingering chill in the air, this shoot is a good example of making a session work even when the shorts and sunscreen aren’t quite out yet. Bundle up with a few layers of clothing, sport a stylish jacket and scarf, and you’re ready to go. The light was warm and welcoming, and there were plenty of great opportunities for a memorable afternoon session.

Most of all, thanks to this motivated senior for braving the elements and working with me!