Colby Farm Sunflowers Family Portrait Photography



After sharing a solo portrait session and an engagement from Colby Farm here on the blog, I thought I’d publish some images from a family portrait session. For this one hour session, the “C. family” and I explored a variety of nooks and crannies amongst the bed of sunflowers and the nearby corn field. Their little boy had just turned one, so there was lots to celebrate besides the bloom being in peak.

It might not look it, but during this shoot — just like the two previous sessions I’ve shared before — the sunflower field is swarming with visitors. When I’m composing a shot, there’s often others standing or shooting their own photography just out of frame to the left and right of me. And within the frame itself, you’ll have an occasional person or two popping up from the flowers in your shot. I’ll always do my best to arrange the shot with a minimum of other people in them, but when you are working in a public, popular location and moving quickly to capture images of children, you’re not always able to be that precise. But that’s the beauty of digital photography: it’s fairly easy to remove unwanted elements from an image, giving the impression as if we were the only ones there.

This little guy’s mom and dad did an amazing job keeping him engaged throughout the duration of the session, and I really enjoyed working with this family. If interested in a session or mini-session of your own at Colby Farm, feel free to check out my availability. This is the last weekend the sunflowers will be in decent bloom. Go check them out if you can and enjoy!