Rei + James [The Neighborhood Church Wedding]



This wedding rocked -- literally!

We were all having a grand time during the reception at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena, when the coordinator scurried in asking if "we felt that". "That" being a 5.0 earthquake that tickled through Southern California only moments ago. Alas, we felt nothing... Mother Nature having failed to shake our good spirits and distract from the more important matter at hand. For this couple, Their Big Day. No time for The Big One.

James and Rei married in the late afternoon on the outdoor greens -- yummy, soupy sunlight streaming in through the huddle of redwoods bearing witness from above. This was actually my first time meeting them both, and I felt nothing short of instant comfort. Adoring, humble, and totally up for having a good time with the camera. Plus, any couple that arm wrestles when the guests start clinking glasses at the reception, gets 10 on my Richter scale!

I wish you both nothing but the best in your new adventures overseas.

May your love run strong and seismic, forever.