Little Miss M. [Cerritos Regional Park Birthday Party]



Friends, there's velociraptors in Cerritos Regional (Jurassic) Park! Rabid Donald Ducks intent on devouring Little Miss M. on her special First.

Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but when these gnarly looking geese -- while a curious attraction from afar -- starting stalking closer to us from all sides of the waterway, squawking unintelligable obscenities at us, I was hoping the T-Rex would swoop in and gobble them all up.

Instead, we retreated to the park's lovely recreational center and enjoyed ourselves a fabulous birthday bash, complete with curry, cake, and a clown. Great show, Bozo!  Let's Put A Smile On That Face!

Amit and Urvi, what a pleasure it was to participate in this celebration. Having been my second time working with you and your extended family, it continues to be an honor to photograph these chapters in your lives. You're always so gracious, and I thank you. Little Miss M. is nothing short of a doll, and her eyes forever shine with a wonder for the world and all it holds.

Happy Birthday, M.!