Sepideh + Matt [Ritz Carlton Hotel Wedding]



California is a gem. I don't think any photographer could ever exhaust the varied list of picturesque nooks and crannies to sling a lens at. But when the opportunity came along to skip town for a beat and photograph a wedding in Puerto Rico, I was firing up Expedia faster than green on grass.

First off, a high-five to Adrienne for the referral -- your friendship is truly valued! And, of course, a super duper thanks to Matt and Sepideh for their hospitality, trust, and humbling invitation to join them across the miles to document this turning point in their lives.

Staged on the cozy beach-front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, wedding vows mixed sweetly with the swoosh of palms and the whoosh of San Juan surf. It's always inspiring to visit new territory, and Matt and Sepideh truly made us feel right at home... save for maybe for the lizards roaming around... you don't see those in Cali!

Partnership is precious. That old saying: "you don't realize what you have until it's gone". Well, I also think there's truth to: "you don't realize what you're missing until you have it." A mantra not just for nuptials, but life and work. See, this is the second wedding Gian has tagged along on, and boy, what a revelation it's been to have a helping hand... not just with wrangling gear or snapping some crazily good keeper shots of her own... but to have someone by your side, rooting for you... well, that's the best. Photography and I spend a lot of time together, and indeed that time is best shared.

Thanks again Matt and Sepideh for the memories and the mojitos! It was a beautiful adventure!