The Marcaida Family [Fullerton Family Portraits]



Part two of my annual Gavin and Liam photo session.  After having photographed their birthday blast at Funtopia weeks earlier, I reunited with the Marcaida family to document them in a more private setting.  With no more rock climbing to be found, no cake or other sugary treats to devour, the boys improvised and put on a good show of their best leaping, piggy backing and karate chops.  Hey, I'd be disappointed if these guys sat still the whole time - hah!

Even still, mom and dad were able to corral the boys when needed, and we captured some nice family moments we're usually not able take pause for during the bustle of the parties.   So I'm really glad we made the time to schedule this separate session.

As always, Marcaida family, thanks again for keeping me in mind.  You never disappoint, and it truly is a privilege to be recording your family's story year after year. 

The Martinez Family [Hillcrest Park Family Portraits]



I had the pleasure of photographing this family session a couple of weeks ago, and thought it'd be a fun share to kick off the blog for 2013. Bibi and her family were referred to me by another client (thanks, Alejandra!), and we'd been trying our best to schedule a session prior to the holidays, but the weather and calendar just weren't cooperating.  Booo!  I'm so glad we finally had the chance to connect, all of us meeting one late Sunday afternoon at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton.

If we live by the mantra of "show, don't tell", the bats, balls, and gloves in these photographs should clue you in as to what brothers Andrew and Brandon love most.   (Hint: it ain't fly fishing!)   I'm so glad we were able to capture their passion for baseball during this shoot.  After all, as a kid, would you rather pose solely for formal portraits for an hour, or swing your bat and play a game of catch?  I always love mixing traditional portraits with in-the-moment-shooting-from-the hip on all shoots.  We did loose one ball into the ravine below, but hey, that's the sacrifice for art.

Bibi and Dominic, thank you again for connecting with me.  I hope everything went well at the game after the shoot.  Your energy is boundless.

Blog visitors -- looking forward to weddings on the near horizon!