The Pei Family [Lacy Park Family Portraits]



I grew up in the Northeast, and if there's one thing that area is known for, it's fall foliage.  Having now lived in Southern California for many years, I've grown accustomed to West Coast autumns.    Halloweens feel different here, but spooky in their own way [maybe it's all the traffic].  The pumpkin patches ripen under a much warmer sun.  And the foliage is a lot more subtle than it is back in the Boston area.  But even amongst the King Palms and Birds of Paradise, there is color to be found in them trees, and a scattering of leaves on the ground for good measure, too.

The Pei Family was looking for a location that just might provide for some of that elusive Southern California foliage.  After a little bit of googling, we both came up with a list of locations, and Lacy Park in San Marino seemed a worthy contender.  And wouldn't you know, there was in fact color to be found there -- orange and yellow hues still clinging to the Big Leaf Maples.  Coupled with the fact we photographed this session on Halloween Eve, it really did feel like the perfect autumn day.

To the Pei Family: it was great to see all three generations of family come together for this session.  Glad to hear your holiday cards came out well, and I hope we can reunite again next year.  The leaves will be waiting!