Doral + Taylor [Newburyport Family Portraits]


Looking for a children’s photographer or family portrait photographer in the Newburyport, North Shore, or Boston area? I’ve recently relocated from Southern California to Massachusetts, having originally grown up here and wanting again to experience the New England surroundings (including snow… well, for a while). Upon learning I’ve moved from California, most will ask: why? No, there’s no palm trees here or 70 degree weather every day, but why go somewhere else and desire it to be the same as where you were before? There’s a unique beauty and spirit to both California and New England, and I’m excited to explore the offerings and people here on this coast. Though, I’m always up for destination sessions, back west or elsewhere!

There is wonderful magic in change. As we all do, Doral and Taylor have experienced their own kind of change, and there is inspiration to be found when someone takes on a new path — even those unexpected — and embraces opportunity in the new direction. Thank you for inviting me to share the morning with you, Doral and Taylor. Enjoy the images!