L + K [College Campus Engagement Session]



When selecting a location for your engagement session, one consideration is to pick a spot that is meaningful to you. This location could be a place you both enjoy visiting, such as a favorite hiking trail, beach nook, coffee shop, or urban hangout. Some even choose to stage their engagement photography at the very spot where they got engaged. Or, another possibility is choosing the place you both met, especially if that location happens to be the school you mutually attend. So long as the campus is friendly to photography sessions on the property, a university or college setting can be a great choice that captures not only your engagement but the memories shared on campus leading up to this time.

You can really capture a variety of unique images in one location, so no need to drive around to multiple spots — selecting a destination with a few areas within walking distance usually does the trick. Lighting is the most important consideration, with early morning or late afternoon (magic hour leading up to sunset) being the best times to schedule. The quality of light during these times is the most flattering, verses shooting mid-day when the sun is high in the sky, creating shadows that tend to obscure the face. An overcast day can be equally favorable, as the light is soft and diffuse, and the time of day is less of a concern.

If you’re still not certain where you’d like to stage your session, I’m always happy to provide suggestions!