Baby Kyle [Newburyport Family Portraits]



I can think of no greater compliment for a photographer than to be asked by a client to make a return visit to their life and document their story as they continue to grow. I first had the pleasure of meeting Joy and Chai during their engagement session, soon followed by their wedding not long after. When baby Kyle was born, I received the invite to reunite with Joy and Chai for a family shoot, and it was a privilege to be asked once more to capture another milestone in their journey.

Newborn photo sessions typically last 30 - 60 minutes, with a good portion of that time navigating around the little one’s mood and curiosities. At this age, the session is really about letting the child “do their thing” and, as the photographer, finding interesting ways to photograph their antics. With most photography, I’ve often found the success of an image relies less on photographic technique and more on one’s ability to make people feel comfortable. This is especially true when photographing newborns and is great a reminder to let your subject remain natural and be themselves.

Thank you, Joy and Chai, for always keeping me in mind!. Look forward to seeing you again down the line!