Jun + Jason [Westlake Village Inn Wedding]



I met Jun and Jason for the first time on their wedding day.

A colleague of theirs referred them to my work, and after having put their faith in what they saw of my images online, dropped me a note to inquire about my services. Their wedding was to be at Westlake Village Inn, a picturesque nook up in the valley I hadn't yet shot at, but welcomed the opportunity to do so. The only crinkle in the plan was the timing. A core part of my photography continues to be the investment I place on the post-processing of images, and I knew that, coupled with the holidays, it'd be an extended stretch of time before I could deliver the images back into their hands. Little did this do to discourage Jun and Jason, and I'm so glad we all jumped on board and had the opportunity to collaborate together. After all, a few extra weeks of anticipation is fair market value for something that lasts forever.

The wedding and reception at Westlake made for a great afternoon. It may have been our first time meeting, but there was an instant comfort and pleasantness that made for some really fantastic moments together. Jun and Jason, thanks for having me along and allowing me to document your day. I'm glad you found it all worth the wait!