Jill + EJ [Torrey Pines State Beach Wedding]



That's a lot of seagulls, I thought.

I've photographed sessions on the beach before. And I've enjoyed a decent share of cooperative gulls swooping into frame at the most fortuitous of moments. But as Jill and EJ exchanged their vows, an orchestrated flock charged across the sky like none before, making for a feathery display that would have Hitchcock beaming with delight. It was the kind of synchronous moment that had everyone grappling for their cameras (or covering their heads), with all the elements coming together in movie-moment harmony.

No timed release from cages. No charge. Doves, don't quit your day job.

I met Jill and EJ in the best way possible: by photographing them before. Not through the expected circumstances of an engagement, but from a group session earlier in the year. Having been pleased with the results of that outing, Jill and EJ asked me to come on board for their wedding, and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to collaborate again. Following their ceremony at Torrey Pines State Beach, La Jolla, we retired to Pacifica Del Mar Restaurant for their evening reception. The restaurant was located in a photo-friendly plaza, with no shortage of wonderful nooks to work in.

Thanks again, Jill and EJ. And congratulations on your new addition to the family! Amongst all those gulls, I knew there was a stork.