Marj + Jeff [W Hotel Wedding]



It's been a long time since I've played Donkey Kong. Last time was on Colecovision. (Yep, that long.) 

I remember having to thwart a giant ape to rescue the girl -- more often than not, losing the girl and falling prey to the ape. The game has come a long way since then -- and somewhere along the line, our groom, Jeff, bested the angry orangutang and won his girl, Marj. Both employed in the gaming industry, therein lied the natural signature for their wedding -- a Super Wedding, no doubt brothers Mario and Luigi would risk life and limb to attend. I mean, check out the cake? Who wouldn't dodge hurling barrels and rabid fireballs for a slice of that?

Jeff and Marj wed at the beautiful Old Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco's historic Chinatown. After some portrait time along Aquatic Park, we retired to their one-of-a-kind reception at the iconic W Hotel. Amazing colors abound, saturated with personalized tributes to the gaming world they so know and love. Kudos to the uber-talented Lord Mesa and Kelice Penny -- Lord, for all of the fantastic decor, designs, and illustrations; and Kelice, for the hand-crafted red mushroom wristlets. Seriously, go check out their work! Thanks as well to Megan Weisberg of MW Weddings for coordinating the day, and making sure I made it through all the levels of game play.

And cheers to San Francisco for welcoming me with open arms. A meaningful experience in so many ways, I'll always hold this one close to the heart. Thank you Jeff and Marj for allowing me to be a part of your celebration. And hey, the three tequila shots at the close of the night weren't so shabby either.