Auld Lang Syne

I recently went to the local Target for a pretty basic gardening tool: a watering can. A sales associate shepherded me to some far off dunce corner of the store. There lie three sad cans, picked over and tattooed with clearance stickers. Surrounding them was the avalanche of floor-to-ceiling inflatable yard Santas, Christmas trees, and yule logs. Nearly December already? I really hadn't realized how out of touch with the season I was. Though not quite Marty McFly bumbling about the '50s, I did feel transported and displaced, fast forwarded and catapulted through a year -- a great year -- but one that had nonetheless gone by in a blur.

Work can have a funny way of accelerating the clock like that. As such, I'm going to try to be a bit more mindful of the work + life balance, at least as the curtain comes to a close on 2010. Before the big ball drops in Times Square, I'll be blogging two more weddings from the fall -- one from the W. Hotel in San Francisco and another from Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes - and then, I'm going to give myself the gift of time this holiday season by taking a pause from shooting in December and January. I'll be stealing myself a little R&R, along with editing a bunch more events from year's end to share as the calendar gives way to 2011.

So, keep on checking in!