Gavin + Liam [Kidspace Museum Birthday Party]



Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya... photographer?!"

Little L. is officially the quickest draw in the West, and my booby prize for being a slow second was a cold shot of water just shy of my lens and across my left side brains. Now, I'm pretty sure somewhere in the Canon instruction manual, it says something about not getting your camera, you know -- wet! -- but who wants to be a buzz kill during a crossfire like this. Though, I'm going to start wearing a bathing suit to my sessions, because I seem to have a real knack as of late returning home waterlogged. At least the young miss in the back scored the last laugh!

I had the pleasure of photographing L + G's brotherly birthday bash last year, and when their mom flattered me with a call-back this season, I was jazzed at the opportunity to shoot the sequel at Kidspace Museum, Pasadena. Cake, games, and gifts in the private celebration room, followed up with some high-energy cat & mouse amongst the outdoor mazes, jungle gyms and water falls. 90+ degrees outside, but since when has that ever slowed a kid down?

Sorry Kung Fu Panda, no soup for you this year. 2010 is all about Spidey & Thomas The Train. And L & G are no doubt two of the luckiest locomotives around to have family and friends throwing them shindigs like this!