Redondo Pier [Nighttime Photography]



Busy times ahead -- weddings and portrait sessions back to back -- so one last take on L.A. nightlife... this time, some captures at Redondo Beach Pier. I really love this pier, with all of its Popeye honky-tonk charm and brash colors. Where else in L.A. can you order a Dungeness crab, smash it to smithereens with a mallet, wear a bib, and gobble it down while watching the sun set over the Pacific? But hey, the pier is even more killer a few strokes shy of midnight, when the only thing left on its planks is me, a few seagulls, and the diehard fishmen reeling in two-headed mackerel and who knows what else up from the local surf.

It was great having a few other photographers join the outing, despite the unusally high winds and nipping cold. As the night wore on, the waves became increasingly fierce, and when the whitecaps started lapping the underbelly of the pier à la The Day After Tomorrow, we decided it was time to skeedattle out of Posedion's lair and head home.

Next up: drier ground and baby twins!