Press Printed Hinged Books



Hot off the press! Here's the first of a few new offerings available to clients this year: press printed hinged books. That's right, your very own best seller!  An alternative to formal albums, these books are a fun and stylish way of showcasing your favorite images in a professionally printed and bound keepsake.

All books are crafted with a sturdy, masonite exterior, enveloped with either a leather, fabric, or full wrap-around photo cover. Add a dust jacket, inscribe your name on the spine -- customize the design to your taste. Pictured here is the 8.5x11 book, with sizes ranging from 5x5 to 12x12.

The hinged design allows the book to open flat, making for a clean, easy to view presentation. The center gutter keeps the book flexible, and is narrow enough so as not to intrude excessively on full page spreads. Gotta love spreads!  Pages are sturdy and of quality weight. No bending or creasing. An optional UV sheen protects the artwork and adds gloss. Fingerprints? Wipe them away.

And let's not forget the images! Rich, sharp colors from the full color press guarantee this book a permanent spot on your coffee table. I'd keep it for myself, had it not been ordered for a client!

All sessions -- past, present, and future -- are eligible for these books. Select your fave images, we'll collaborate on a design, and you'll be turning the pages in no time. These books also make for a unique guest book at weddings and events.

Stay tuned for more styles in the months to come!