Lilli + Luke [West Los Angeles Newborn Portraits]



Answer: The difference in Stephen's gear bag between a baby shoot and a wedding shoot.

Question: What is a big, chocolate blanket?

That's right. A 100% Cotton, brown, fluffy wonder. When I'm packing gear Linus-style, that's the tip-off that I'm heading out to document tots, not tuxes. The blankie makes for a great backdrop, and with the right lighting, the babies pop like 10K diamonds on a jeweler's pillow.

The tiny twin bling-blings center stage for this session hit all the 4 C's: Cute, Cuddly, Cooing, and Cooperative! Whether splayed out on the blanket, cradled in loving arms, or plopped in a basket, these two gems were so incredibly patient and willing... we lost track of time and just kept snapping away. It's pretty easy to get mesmerized photographing babies, because every little expression seems like a keeper... and with twins, x2!

Thanks to everyone for chipping in during the session, for contributing ideas, welcoming me into your home, and making the day such a blast. Keep an eye out for the groovy tot's book we'll be making from this session, too!