Jennifer + Michael [Caesars Palace Wedding]



I can't speak for everyone in Las Vegas that weekend, but I know for certain two very special people left town with a priceless win. No slots, no dice... just two hearts united, and it was way nice! Jennifer and Michael wed in the late afternoon at the Classico Chapel at Caesars Palace, and oh, what a perfect spot it was for their union. If selecting your wedding photographer is all about pairing with someone you feel at ease with, then it stands to reason your choice of venue should equally be a place you feel at home. And with all of their good humor, Energizer smiles, and commitment to celebrating their vows with style, Vegas was the picture perfect setting for these newlyweds. We had a blast exploring the grounds and, with the understandable exception of the casinos (okay, we might have breezed through), were given carte blanche to shoot amongst the gardens and architecture. Hail Caesars!

This marks my first "destination wedding", and I really couldn't have asked for a more inviting couple to share the experience with. From the moment my plane banked into view of the glitz and glam, to the close of the evening's reception, this was a wildly fun adventure, and a most beautiful wedding. My only regret was taking only one of the cupcakes back to my suite. Next time, I won't be so shy.

Michael and Jennifer: best wishes to you both. It's wonderful to know: what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas.