Newburyport Children's Birthday Party Photography



They say seven is a lucky number. Maybe. I’d like to think that’s true. Because it was seven birthdays ago that I was first booked as the birthday photographer for Gavin and Liam’s celebration. The family was looking for a photographer to capture the boys’ festivities, take snapshots of the guests, and document all the love and care invested in the party. The next year, I was invited back again. And again. Until here we are, seven birthdays later — and oh, how the boys have grown.

At their first birthday, my camera and I were a strange curiosity to the boys, given it was our first meeting. There I was, chasing Gavin and Liam around when all they wanted to do was play with Kung Fu Panda and tear into gifts. Who could blame them. Hey guys, say cheese…


But with time, there came a familiarity and ease with the camera. To the boys, I wasn’t just the photographer guy anymore. I was fair game to be squirted with water guns. Jabbed with rubber swords. And swatted with foam bats. And that’s how it should be — after all, the best images come from more than just clicking away on the camera… they come from a willingness to engage in the subject’s spirit of play.


But there’s that other familiar saying: all good things must come to an end. I’ve moved to Massachusetts full time now. And even if I was in California, the boys are older and ready for new adventures. Gavin and Liam even have cool new hair cuts! So, instead of “all good things must come to an end”, let’s rephrase to “all good things must come to a change”. Life is change, and as one wonderful opportunity comes to a close, another invites us to jump aboard. New good things await. I’ve already had the pleasure of working with great new clients here in Massachusetts, and I look forward to collaborating with many more to come.

If you are looking for a photographer to document your child’s birthday, or for a family portrait, say hello. I’d love to help! And to Gavin, Liam, and family — many thanks for having me along all these years!