Grace + Jeremy [William R. Mason Park Wedding]



Sunday, chapter two of Grace & Jeremy’s wedding. A mirage of red -- Grace, striking in her hanbok -- materialized from across the greens of Irvine's William R. Mason Park to share in a traditional Korean p'yebaek (ceremony) with Jeremy.

Bride and groom knelt reverently before their parents, who in turn tossed chestnuts toward the newlyweds -- each nut caught signifying the prospect of fertility (a.k.a. lots of kiddos!). Considering the bounty scored, Jeremy and Grace might consider adding a nutcracker to the registry -- well done! Celebrations concluded with Grace and the moms enjoying a piggyback ride, courtesy of the groom, in a demonstration of the new husband's strength. Chiropractors, take note. And after having paid respects to the formalities of the day, we were still able to be a bit playful, ringing true to who these two are at heart.

Jeremy and Grace, thanks again for your trust and enthusiasm. Much happiness to you both!