S + V [El Dorado Park Bridal Session]



You've been drafting your wedding day schedule and have come to realize you just can't squeeze in as much time as you'd like for portraits.  Or, perhaps you've already had your wedding, only to discover you didn't capture as many portraits as you had hoped for.  Consider a bridal session as a solution to both of these scenarios.

A bridal session-- scheduled either on a day before your wedding or on a day after -- allows for a scalable window of time of your choosing, free of the limitations of a tight wedding day schedule.   No worries about missing your whole cocktail hour.  No clock watching or pressures from family and friends. And no constraints on location -- it's often a challenge for couples to stray very far from their wedding venue to take pictures.  Or, though your venue may make for a functional wedding, it may not offer all the surroundings you've always imagined for your wedding day photographs.  A bridal session has no such restrictions on location.

This session lasted about three hours, and spanned from El Dorado Nature Center & Park in Long Beach, down to the community of Seal Beach. Praise to this couple for keeping such high energy levels and for being such naturals in front of the camera!