Amy + Greg [Calvary Bible Church Wedding]



"That one."

And what a perfect tree it was. Sturdy, timeless, with a sweeping branch reaching out to have and to hold those lucky few who choose to exchange the magic of first sight beneath its embrace.

Greg and Amy married that afternoon at Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, but prior to the ceremony, we scheduled a leisurely hour for outdoor portraits. Gian and I dashed to the valley early that morning and scouted a few of the big name parks -- Griffith? Bob Hope? Johnny Carson? All lovely, but alas, none of these celebrity greens could hold a candle to, yes.... The Park With No Name. Nestled only a hop, skip, and maybe a few jumps down from Calvary, there it was, lost in a perpetual state of New England fall, complete with a carpet of leaves and an inviting warmth radiating from the yellowing foliage above. A fitting setting for the day, its magic rendered complete once graced by the union of these two hearts.

Thank you, Greg and Amy, for welcoming us by your side. May your humor, love, and good spirits shine forever bright. And special thanks to the super talented event designer, Angel Swanson, of Love And Splendor, for the kind referral. Angel, after your invaluable handy work on our very own wedding, Gian and I thank you for your continued friendship, consideration, and graciousness.