Say Uncle [Boston Newborn Portraits]



All of my clients mean the world to me, but this little guy flat-out takes the universe. Please welcome my new nephew, Thomas! Ain't he the cutest nugget? Here he is at two weeks old, and how awesome it was to be with the family during this time, cradling the newest "G", and soaking up as much of him as I could before returning West.

We peppered a few mini-shoots throughout my stay, so Thomas' first memories of me are essentially going to be a Canon camera with ears sticking out from the sides. Everyone was chipping in with wardrobe and props -- Grammy Grant knitted the "T" ball and his cuddle blanket, and his mom and pops did a killer job painting Thomas' room with a jungle theme. This was such a great way to celebrate his arrival, and I'm so happy we took the time to document his first days. I'm also sneaking in some pictures of the proud grandparents, who have escaped the clutches of my blog for far too long. Hah!

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law on their glowing new star! Shine bright, little man! Miss ya.