Catch Me If You Can [Cerritos Heritage Park Family Portraits]



Peek-a-boo. Catch me if you can.

Move it or lose it, mister!

Call it what you will. All I know is little "S" sure has gotten fast on her feet since I last photographed her a year ago -- or dare I say I've gotten slower. This cute session reminded me of that carnival game where you "shoot" the duck with the pellet gun, and the duck spins around and starts heading in the other direction, you hit the duck again, and it turns about-face once more and scurries exponetially faster... etc... repeat until you win the goldfish. With little "S", I fire a shot with my camera, and whoosh, she's off!

Thanks again to the family for asking me to document yet another chapter in the life of "S". We embarked on this 30 minute mini-session with the task of creating some images that would frame nicely on the face of a DVD give-away at her upcoming birthday celebration, but I couldn't help but include a few more.