Grace [Sherman Oaks Newborn Portraits]



Meet Grace. Isn't she a doll? John and Anne, the proud parents of this little gem, were my very first clients a couple years back, so it was really great to come full circle and reunite with them once again for another session, this time with their 4 week old newborn.

We staged this get-together indoors, using natural light and draping Grace in an assortment of blankets and embraces. "Oogie, Boogie... Goo-Goo, Gah-Gah." That pretty much sums up my direction on this shoot -- can you tell I'm not a parent yet? Hah! See, I'm learning a lot from these types of sessions -- and not just about photography -- but what it means to bring a beaming new smile into the world. I guess you could say I'm getting primed for my turn someday (which I'm sure brings an even bigger smile to my mom and dad). The true highlight of the day was us capturing a brief glint of a grin from Grace while sleeping. Oh, what dreams dance in her head? There was a collective silence among us. I was told, at this age, such a smile is an infrequent shooting-star-of-a-sight : fleeting, treasured, and pure magic.

John and Anne, thanks again for letting me document yet another amazing chapter in your lives. And to Finn, I know you're going to be the best Big Brother ever!