Seize The Day [Return To Middlesex School]



"O Captain! My Captain!" Robin Williams, quoting Walt Whitman in Dead Poets Society. That's the classic film that comes to mind when I'm shooting images at the beautiful Middlesex private school in Concord, MA. It's an inspiring place where you just want to grab an old book, curl up in an ivy-covered corner, and read.

I first had the pleasure of photographing the campus for their publications in the summer of 2007, and would like to thank both David and the school for inviting me back once again this year for a second round.

It was an exciting challenge to canvas the grounds once more, to discover new angles and explore an approach that would read unique from our first pass. Having covered the school from a more conventional perspective the first time around, this session freed us to experiment with the point-of-view, to get in closer on the nooks and crannies, and broaden the portfolio we've been building upon.

The new printed books look fantastic, and it's always a thrill to take pictures in what I will forever consider to be my first home, Boston. Carpe Diem!