Coco [Moonlight Rollerway Birthday Party]



Okay, so I was really looking forward to this birthday session. What photographer wouldn't? The place: The Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale. Score! What's to love: gobs of electric color, rock-n-roll on wheels, and the killer birthday girl of the night, Coco! I first met Coco back in the spring, when she booked my services for a couple of portrait sessions... which were just heaps of crazy fun... and so when she asked me if I'd like to photograph her birthday bash in the fall at the rollerrink, I was like, oh yeahhhhh, sign me up!

As excited as I was, I kept repeating a little mantra before diving in: roller skates and fancy, cha-ching! cameras don't mix. So, I remained a flat-footed land lover for the night, and was on full DEFCON 1 alert while piloting my way through the asteroid field of high-flying wheels. A question for the rink refs, be honest: were any bets wagered on my fate? I had to laugh, at the close of the night, when one of you chuckled in surprise (or veiled disappointment - ha!) that I didn't get clobbered. Hey, I'll admit to having second thoughts after lying belly-down on the rink floor smack dab in the middle of oncoming traffic to get a worm's eye view, but in the end, everyone survived our little game of chicken, and I want to thank the management for pretty much giving us free reign and for hosting two hours of non-stop laughs. And thanks to Coco's great group of friends, for warmly welcoming me as one of their own, for enduring my stalking them on the rink, and for not mashing me into a lump of photo road kill.

Steve & Coco: Photos by Marlina!

And, of course, a BIG hug and thanks to Coco: for entrusting me with her special day, and for being such an incredibly gracious client, and a cool, new friend! You're one of a kind! The party was amazing, and it's been a real joy this past year collaborating on our many projects -- so, here's hoping we can do it again somewhere down the line!.