The Meredith Family [Fullerton Train Station Family Portraits]



Thumbs up to Laura for suggesting this super cool location for their family photo shoot! Actually, she had a list of about four or five interesting Orange County spots, but being from the L.A. area, I'm not very O.C. savvy except for where Disneyland is, so we narrowed our pick down to this little gem, and I really think the location served us well. Nestled in the heart of downtown Fullerton, the station wasn't particularly large or crowded, but that's what made it picture perfect. The earthy adobe architecture cast a few nice pockets of shade for us to work in, and, every once in a while, a locomotive would roar past and zoom its signature through a shot. The kids were a little spooked by the trains -- but, at that age, I'd be a little scared of these monsters, too.

Laura coordinated this session with her brother and cousins, intended as an opportunity to take a few nice family shots for their grandparents -- always a nice gift. We kicked off the morning with a couple of group photos, and then, rattled off an assortment of paired-off shots, solo portraits, and kids-just-being-kids moments. I've been told everyone had a great time -- I sure did -- and the kids were full of energy and smiles. And this is the second consecutive session I've had with an all-smiles infant -- check him out!

Next stop: the pictures. Thanks again, Meredith family! Choo-choo!