The B. Family [Playa Del Rey Family Portraits]



Jayme snapped the grill over his teeth, slipped his fingers into some bling, slung his baseball cap to the side, and shot a snarl toward my camera you won't soon be seeing at your local Sears portrait studio.

"Jayme, what are you doing?!" laughed his sister, Marlina, off-camera. Jayme broke character, and, in an instant, whisked away the gangsta get-up and was back to bouncing his baby, Jayme Jr., lovingly on his lap.

Whether hamming it up for the camera, running on the beach like lovebirds, or boldly wearing their Giants jerseys in the middle of a Los Angeles park -- hanging with this family was a kick! Everyone was just out to have fun, let loose, and be themselves... or, heck, be someone else! It didn't matter, and we all had a great time.

Last fall, I photographed Marlina's reunion with her cousins, and she was kind enough to pass along my website to Jayme, who lives up in San Francisco with his fiancee, Joyce, and their two children. During a recent weekend visit to L.A., they booked a session, and we hit two parks and a beach. It's pretty cool to think they made the time to book a shoot during their short visit to L.A. Both kids were full of high energy and good spirits, considering I was the only thing standing between them and a promised trip to Disneyland. And little Jr. sure did love to cheese. Really, I've never seen a toddler flash so many smiles.

Maybe he thought I was Mickey Mouse.

Enjoy the pics! Peace out.